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Praying for Your Future Spouse After Divorce

                                                                                   Divorce is a difficult thing for everyone involved, even if both parties are amicable and are okay with the proceedings. Women that go through divorce often feel that they are not worthy or that they will never find love again, this is not the case by any means. Divorce does not negate worth, just because you are divorced and may have had a not-so-good experience with marriage before, that does not mean you cannot pray for the well-being of the spouse that you desire to meet one day. Praying for your future husband does not mean praying for what he will look like or when exactly will he come into your life but rather praying for his journey so that you might meet only by the grace of God and in HIS timing. I started praying for my future husband eight long years ago, having no idea who he was, where he was or even if he needed my prayers. I will be honest with you I felt ashamed to pray at times bec

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