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To Women Struggling to Get Back Up After Separation/Divorce

To Women Struggling to Get Back Up, ​ It seems that a story always has more impact when it comes from the lips of someone that has lived it. Divorce is a struggle for some, knowing that there is a light on the other end and that there is hope may be all you need to make it. I have struggled through divorce and now I have a passion within me to help those that are working through the same difficulties that I experienced.
Personal growth and healing are difficult, there is no denying that, but when it comes to finding your path to healing there are many that are ready and willing to help.
Divorce is not something that one can simply get over or get past in an afternoon, it takes dedication, devotion, and often help from places you never even knew existed.
Sometimes having someone simply sit with you, no words exchanged, is enough to give you the strength to take one more step.
It is my hope and sincere desire that women that have hit rock bottom, those that may have contemplated ending their …

Today on Our Anniversary

As we sat across from each other it was evident things were not the same. Even when Kent smiled at me from across the restaurant table for the first time in 8 years it was different, we were different.  It was awkward because though he was once my husband, at that moment in time for the past 10 years he was not my husband. Well at least by law our divorce decree said our marriage was dissolved.
It's crazy how the word dissolution on our divorce decree made me think and feel like all the work and time we invested just evaporated and disappeared as if it never existed. Yet my heart was saying something entirely different.
Marriages are certainly difficult but then there are the few of us who have married and divorced just to later realize that divorce was not what we really wanted. Some have labeled us predicting that we won’t last due to our indecisiveness to remarry and not just leave each other alone after divorce. We are looked at by others as failures due to the fact we took t…

Welcome to My Testimonial Blog

Hello! I am glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog! My name is Charis M. Rooks, and do I have a story to share. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, author, speaker, founder of Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women INC.(Draw4Women), CEO/Editor in Chief of IGM Productions LLC, Celebrate Recovery Pastor and more. My favorite hat to wear however, is that of a Daughter of God. I work to reflect HIM in everything that I do and speak HIS truth to everyone that I meet.
I am currently pursuant of my Doctorate of Education in Christian Leadership and Ministry. I am the founder of Draw4Women, a foundation that helps women recover and regain their life and independence after divorce. I am also the CEO/Editor in Chief of IGM Productions LLC, a publishing company that helps to highlight those with stories to tell.
As a woman, I have struggled in life to get to where I am. I have been suicidal, divorced twice, evicted, lost everything, and on top of all of that I have also suffered from low self-esteem, p…