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Welcome to My Testimonial Blog

Hello! I am glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog! My name is Charis M. Rooks, and do I have a story to share. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, author, speaker, founder of Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women INC.(Draw4Women), CEO/Editor in Chief of IGM Productions LLC, Celebrate Recovery Pastor and more. My favorite hat to wear however, is that of a Daughter of God. I work to reflect HIM in everything that I do and speak HIS truth to everyone that I meet.

I am currently pursuant of my Doctorate of Education in Christian Leadership and Ministry. I am the founder of Draw4Women, a foundation that helps women recover and regain their life and independence after divorce. I am also the CEO/Editor in Chief of IGM Productions LLC, a publishing company that helps to highlight those with stories to tell.  

As a woman, I have struggled in life to get to where I am. I have been suicidal, divorced twice, evicted, lost everything, and on top of all of that I have also suffered from low self-esteem, physical, and emotional abuse. Yes, I am the official definition of a broken woman. I have worked, I have struggled, and I have persevered through it all with the help of God, my family, and those around me. Now it is time to share my story and experience to help those around me.

I am the wife of an amazing husband named Kent and he teaches me the importance of restoration and healing daily. We have been blessed because God restored our marriage that was broken for 10 years. We have and will continue to work hard recovering our marriage from the pain we endured that ended in divorce 10 years ago.

 I am a mom and nana to my two amazing daughters and my grandson.  My oldest daughter Briana teaches me strength and perseverance as I have been blessed to stand by her side as she gave birth at the age of 16 to my wonderful grandson Xay. I have watched her beat all odds and grow into a wonderful mother and now college student. Xay teaches me to be fearless and confident as he has no limits to what he can and will do as a 1yr old. Yet he is confident in his choices and stands strong in them even if he knows his nana and popa might fuss at him.

My youngest daughter Katelyn teaches me faith and hope as I have been blessed to stand by her side as she continues her journey in life of having an incurable brain malformation and many other obstacles involving her health.  Katelyn always smiles and stands firm on loving and helping others despite her circumstances.

I have endured a lot of rough struggles that life has thrown at me and I have held strong and maintained my faith in God through it all. During the lowest times I was weak, but I did not give up, and now I stand on the other side of these troubles as a stronger woman ready to help others by telling my own stories.

This blog will serve as a safe place, a haven of sorts, where I can share my stories with you, the reader. I will share my triumphs, I will share my struggles, and I will above all share my truth no matter how difficult it may be. I want nothing more than to tell you the stories that have made me the person I am today and perhaps give you a place to share your thoughts as well.

I will post on a wide range of topics, as it is never one story that makes a person, from divorce, remarriage, parenting a child with an incurable brain malformation, parenting a pregnant teenager, being a grandparent, and  of course being a broken woman that has struggled. Most importantly however, I have been a woman that through it all, saw that there was a light at the end of it all and saw that through belief, good things could come.

I hope that you will join me now as I share my stories in the hopes that they bring inspiration to someone that may be struggling to get through this thing we call life.


  1. Hello Ms. Charis, my name is Charles. I could begin by giving you compliment after compliment. From your name which is unique and simular to my Own. I could go on to Congratulate You on ALL your Success, and Accomplishments. To speak of your radient Beauty I could go on and on. I am alway seemingly good at prioritizing others but when it comes to myself it as if I get lost on the first page. I am a man struggling in many areas of my life at the young age of 40. At a point where I feel I should have SOME things figured Out. Not certain if and how you maybe able to help me and/or I can be of help to You. I am making an introduction. I am Charles David Ford but I go by Roots because I am tied to them. Thank you for your time.


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