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Today on Our Anniversary

As we sat across from each other it was evident things were not the same. Even when Kent smiled at me from across the restaurant table for the first time in 8 years it was different, we were different.  It was awkward because though he was once my husband, at that moment in time for the past 10 years he was not my husband. Well at least by law our divorce decree said our marriage was dissolved.
It's crazy how the word dissolution on our divorce decree made me think and feel like all the work and time we invested just evaporated and disappeared as if it never existed. Yet my heart was saying something entirely different.
Marriages are certainly difficult but then there are the few of us who have married and divorced just to later realize that divorce was not what we really wanted. Some have labeled us predicting that we won’t last due to our indecisiveness to remarry and not just leave each other alone after divorce. We are looked at by others as failures due to the fact we took t…