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Goodbye and Thankyou Humana

Today is an emotional day for me.   It marks 20 years of working in the healthcare industry.   As many of you probably do not know I have worked full time for Humana for several years now.   Today is my last day at an amazing company and I have been truly blessed to work for Humana. I came to Humana with no degrees, no books, no businesses.   I was a single unemployed mom struggling to make ends meet.   Little did I know God had plans for me there.   While at Humana my marriage was restored, I obtained my Bachelors, Masters, and started my Doctorate in which Humana assisted me through tuition assistance.   I wrote 4 books and started my 5th while at Humana, I became a certified divorce coach, started a nonprofit Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women, and a for profit Inspired Grace Media Productions.   I hosted conferences for divorced, separated, and remarried women and this year started travelling with women and incorporating my workshops into retreats.   I also became t