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When We Forget God's Blessings

While travelling recently I looked out the window on my flight and the view was breath taking. I started to think about the times I prayed to fly to different places when I didn’t even have transportation to get me to and from work. God answered that prayer and now I’m struggling with being grateful for God answering my prayers. I have found myself being agitated with flying because  I long to be at home with my family and not in airport security checks, delays, and yes, I despise waiting. On this particular trip I was irritable about how many times the plane was delayed. I was tired and just wanted to get home to my family and my bed. In my mind I felt as if the airport was holding me hostage and did not have a valid enough reason to do so. So, I made the decision that I would personally walk up to the counter and demand a better reason if I heard one more unexpected delay over the intercom. Well another delay was announced and as I prepared to stand and complain some

Happy Birthday Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women!!!!!

  Guess What?????  Today we are celebrating Divorce Recovery Advocates for Women 5th birthday!!!!!! Yes, I could not let the day go by without celebrating 5 years with an amazing organization that not only changed my life but continues to change the lives of others daily. My journey with Draw4Women started as a desire to provide other women with resources that I did not have access to when I was going through my divorce. In 2014 several years after my divorce I dreamed of an organization for divorced women and I also saw in that dream how it would operate. Every day I would see something new or get an idea and write it down. After a while I grew frustrated because I didn’t have time or money to do anything as a single mom outside of working and taking care of my girls.  One morning I prayed on my one-hour commute to work that if this was what God wanted, He would make a way. Well 4 hours later I was laid off my job. For some reason I felt at peace with being laid off.

A Message of Hope for Struggling Marriages

Disclaimer:   I have worked with divorcees for many years now. As you read this blog post I want to make it clear that I am in no way speaking about divorces that stem from abuse or any other reason a couple has deemed it necessary to part ways. God placed this blog topic on my heart to share with married couples especially since me and my husband did not recognize some of the strategies of opposition when we first married back in 1999.  I pray this message blesses  marriages that are struggling from attacks of the enemy. Marriages where couples are tired and weak from fighting one another so they are contemplating on calling it quits. I pray this blog blesses your marriage and helps bring back hope if you and your spouse are currently struggling.  A Message of Hope for Struggling Marriages As I sat across from my husband it was evident that he had changed and though he smiled at me from across the restaurant table for the first time in over 10 years it was different

Are You Spending Time With God Or Running From God?

Recently I made a commitment to take my youngest daughter through the entire bible. This has been such a great time of bonding for us. At night before bed we discuss what we have read for the day, I ask her 4-5  questions, she reads a devotion to me, and we end with a challenge for the next day. Last week after one of our bible studies I told her I would be travelling soon and gave her my travel dates. One of those trips would take place later in the week. As I told her she looked at me as if I had crushed her spirit. It then dawned on me she was concerned about our bible study time. So, I quickly informed her that I would contact her each night while I was away and do our bible study via FaceTime. We would coordinate it so that we would be alone while talking and complete our questions, challenge, and devotion together each night while I’m away. She of course smiled, gave me a hug, and went to bed. That night as I laid in bed God used my daughter to show me how

God is Creating Something Magnificent Within You

Early this morning I was sitting on my couch thinking about how our once empty living room just a few months ago finally feels warm and inviting. Yes there is more that needs to be done but it is okay because I can continually work on it and I know its going in the right direction. This morning I thought to myself " This is ours and I love it." As I sat there I also started thinking about how God does the  same with us. Just as this room we are works in progress never expected to be perfect for everyone but we are always perfect in the eyes of our heavenly father and designer no matter what. Just the thought of that brings me great joy. I encourage you today if you struggle with feeling down due to any lack including the lack of love from others try to think from a perspective of decorating a room. When u decorate you do not expect everyone to love your space but you absolutely know that you will love it because you created it and it is what you wanted. Guess what??? This